5 Ways God May Be Preparing You For Marriage While You Are Single

This is Part 1 of my Love Story where I talk about how God prepared me for marriage before i met my husband. These 5 tips are ways HE may be preparing you as well. Now please don’t think I’m giving marriage tips after being married for 6 months (at the time this blog is posted). Really I’m just glorifying God and Testifying about how He loves YOU so much to want you to be prepared for your future season.

This video is to encourage those who want to get married while they’re in their single season. Prayerful this video encourages you while dating or waiting for the right person to come along.

Before watching this video, check out my Life Update video so you can catch up to all the new things going on. 


I hope you enjoyed this video. Until next time…


Leigh C

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