Meet Leigh





Leigh Curvin is a Nurse Practitioner with both a natural and spiritual gift of helping and healing others. Leigh is very passionate about encouraging others to develop a fruitful relationship with God. She does this through living a life of purity in heart, mind, body and spirit and also sharing her testimony to show how God has turned her worldly mess into a kingdom masterpiece. Leigh has answered the call to help others develop their relationship with God and receive revelation of his unconditional love. 

Because He Loves Me® started as a blog about my journey to finding God’s unconditional love.  Through my journey with God,  I have found greater self-love, deliverance from hurt caused by men, family, friends and ULTIMATELY God’s unconditional love. 

This blog has now evolved into testimonies about the goodness of God and His UNFAILING Love. I share many stories about how God got me through and the wisdom I’ve obtained along the way. Prayerfully I can impart my wisdom and help you grow in your faith & obedience in God through each testimony.